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1986 Toyota 1980cc Camrayl

by Bob Whittaker
(Cronulla 2230 NSW)

Bad seal in pump r/h steering arm .The car is a 1986 Toyota, Camry GLi SV11 automatic plus overdrive
I am looking for the Steering Arm / pump with a working seal
so that l will be able to remove and/or replace with a new /
reconditioned /or 2nd hand steering arm for the above car
Camry automatic GLi SV11 .. Where could l get such part ? ?

Bob Whittaker .


Hi Bob,
I would try replacing just the seal, if that is the only problem. There is a place called Eastern bearing that sells every kind of seal and bearing you can think of, if you can read the numbers on the seal, they can find it for you. you can even call them from their website, go to Let me know how you make out Bob, thanks.

Eddie Carrara

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