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Transmission Install, What You Need to Know!

by Eddie Carrara

If you're planning a transmission install, new or remanufactured, let me give you some extremely useful and important advice about the process that will ensure you don't void your warranty.  The number one reason people void the warranty on a new or remanufactured transmission is because they don't follow the installation instructions!

What I mean is, every transmission (new or remanufactured) comes with caution tags and warning labels, and most of the time they are removed from the packing container and transmission, then tossed into the trash or set aside.  These tags need to be read carefully, and the instructions need to be followed precisely, if not, you WILL void your warranty!


This is how it will play out

  • First you will install the transmission without reading and following the warnings or precautions, you transmission will not work right or shift properly.

  • Then you'll end up calling the manufacturer and complain that the transmission is a piece of garbage and that it doesn't work or there is a problem with it.  
  • The manufacturer will then ask you a few questions about how you installed it, you'll act all cool and tell them you're a pro at this stuff and that you did everything the warning tags told you to do. (full knowing you never even read them!)
  • They will tell you that your warranty is void because you did not do as the warning tag stated. 
  • Then you will proceed to tell them that they do not stand behind their product or warranty, but in reality, you are the one to blame!

Don't let this happen to you, take my advice before you have to go through this pain and suffering, then if you do have any problems, it will be covered under warranty, usually parts and labor.

Look For Caution Tags

Every new or remanufactured transmission comes with BIG orange or red warning tags that states, "The transmission cooler must be cleaned or replaced before transmission installation or your warranty will be void!" I'm not sure about you, but if I'm going to spend four to eight hours installing a transmission, I want to make sure my warranty is not voided because of my ignorance.

I'm telling you this because if debris from the previous transmission gets into the new transmission, not only does it void the warranty, but it's very possible you will ruin the new transmission.  If you ruin the new transmission and your warranty is voided, you're stuck with a $1500 useless transmission, not to mention the time needed to fix your mistake and the out of pocket expense for a second transmission.

Cleaning the Transmission Cooler

Replacing or cleaning the transmission cooler not only keeps your warranty intact, but it also ensures you don't dump debris from the old transmission back into the new transmission.  If you only clean the cooler with compressed air and brake clean, it's not good enough, and it will void your warranty.

The proper way to clean a transmission cooler is to use a transmission cooler cleaner in a can, or use a hot flush machine, in my opinion, the hot flush is the way to go, but for a DIY guy, use the can flush, and read the directions on the can!

Replace the Transmission Cooler; it's Your Best Alternative!

Replacing the transmission cooler is the best alternative, it cheap and easy to install. A new transmission cooler will cost about $40- $80, and you're guaranteed no harmful debris will flow into the new transmission, it's called piece of mind, plus it will keep your warranty intact.   

Keep in mind, if you change your cooler or flush your cooler, you should always flush your lines as well, I recommend using a flush solution and compressed air, and flush them in both directions. Compressed air alone will not flush the lines properly and you're only setting yourself up for transmission problems in the future.


Looking for a Remanufactured Transmission for Your Car?

If you're looking for a remanufactured replacement transmission for your vehicle, Advance Auto Parts carries one of the best remanufactured transmissions, with the best warranty.  Advance Auto Parts sells Moveras remanufactured transmissions which are built in Salem NH, and carry a 3 year 75k mile warranty, you can't even get that kind of warranty on a new transmission from some manufactures. 

The failure rate on a Moveras transmission is less than 8% that means that less then 8% of the transmissions going out the door have manufacturer defects. Moveras builds transmission to order, so once you place your order through Advance Auto Parts, Moveras will then build the transmission for you within 1-3 days for most transmission.  If you need a special transmission, they will bench build one for you at no extra cost, but it takes 5-8 days to build if all the parts are available.

All transmission are dyno tested before they leave the facility, this means each transmission built is installed on a dynamometer, and tested for any problems, like shifting problems, late gear engagement, and leaks, this is why the defect rate is so low, and all transmissions come with a torque converter at no extra cost, that's a big plus!

I recommended Advance Auto Parts because when it came to warranty issues,  Advance Auto Parts was the best company to work with, both on the customer's side and the manufacturer side, they are very easy to deal with and the reps were very accommodating, just an FYI.

So I hope these tips help, the reason I have this knowledge is because I have worked at Moveras transmission remanufacturing company answering phones for tech support, the number one issue people had with transmissions was not the transmission, it was because they did not clean the transmission cooler and lines properly. 

I had to void a lot of warranties, and it was very difficult for me, because I felt bad for the person on the other end of the phone.  I had been in their shoes at one time, but it wasn't my fault they didn't follow the warnings and precautions plastered all over the new transmission, so that's why I wrote this article. Maybe I will help a few people out before they get deep into trouble.  If you have any questions, leave them in the Facebook comment box and I will answer them, and follow me on Facebook, take care.

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