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Water Leaking Into Car?

by Eddie Carrara

If you have water leaking into your car, it's a good possibility there is a simple fix. The first step is to find the point of entry, once you know where the water is entering the vehicle, you can start to plan the repair. If you have no idea where to start, I will point you in the right direction.

I met John, a Car Water Leak Pro on the web, he has helped a lot of my readers find and fix their water leaks, but it was only with text, now I am offering him a place to share some pictures and if he has videos, I will put them up here as well. This page will be a work in progress and it will continue to grow in time. I hope, with your help and Johns, to have one of the best web pages to help fix car water leaks.

If you have a water leak in your car, and you would like to ask a question on how to fix it, place a comment in the box below and if possible, add a picture or two, it can only help with the repair.

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