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I had an idea to build an automotive website, but I really didn't think anyone would read it. It all started when I saw someone driving down the road with the windows in their car so fogged up; I could barely see who was driving. So my thought was, "if this person was smart, they would go online and find a solution," then the lightbulb went off!

So I went home to search for the problem, the information I found was misleading and confusing, so I wrote my first article and made my first video on how to defog car windows. You can click this link below to read the article and see the video. ( I had no idea that it would get as many views as it did. In fact, it's still my most watched video, still to this day.

Without boring you too much, the ideas kept coming, so here we are! I built this site with you in mind. Most sites charge money to ask a question; I don't; if you want to donate, write a great comment below and tell me what you think I can do to improve the site. 

So, I have made it very simple for you. On this website, you can post pictures, ask me questions, write a review about a shop that does great work, and you would like to give credit where credit is due, but please don't promote your own shop because that's misleading. 

So while you're here, click the Facebook Like button and share the opportunity with your friends and family to have their car questions answered, or click the Twitter button to share it on Twitter. It will benefit everyone, so just do it; it's a win-win!


I just had one of my followers the other day get a quote to replace two wheel bearings for $1300. I told her not to walk away from the quote, but to RUN!!! I recommended she get a second opinion. She made one phone call and cut her bill in half. Don't take my word for it; see the conversation yourself at, and her name is Kasha. Our conversation was close to the bottom of the page, but by now, it's buried deep in the abyss. (Updated 10/30/20)

So go ahead and ask away; I may not have all the answers for every question, but I'm sure I can send you off in the right direction, so take care for now, and I hope to talk to you soon.

Simple Car Care Tips and Advice eBook

There's so much dishonesty when it comes to having your car repaired by the local dealership or garage, but there is a way to prepare yourself for the inevitable up-sell. Auto repair is the second largest expense in every household. 

Knowing how to do minor inspections on your vehicle can save you from handing over BIG $$$ to money sucking mechanics and service advisers that are using scare tactics that pressure you into buying their dealer recommended services and bogus up-sells. 

Not All Mechanics Are Money Hungry!

Knowledge is NOT power, but APPLIED knowledge is! Having a basic understanding of your vehicle can give you that edge, a defining moment of knowing which mechanic is telling you the truth and which ones are trying to rip you off. So grab your copy of Simple Car Care Tips and Advice

It's an easy read, but don't let that fool you; it's packed with an arsenal of money-saving automotive advice that will pull the plug on the siphon that is attached to your wallet and is emptying into the repair shops register. This book is not for sale yet, so grab your free copy now while this offer is still up! 

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Dealership Scams

4 Dealership scams to watch for when having your car serviced!

Dealerships are always looking for new and elusive ways to scam their customers for bigger profits. Here are 4 scams to watch for when your car goes in for service. 

1. Dealership Sales Scam;  As you wait for your vehicle to be fixed, the service adviser will escort you to the waiting room where there is coffee, tea, hot coco, doughnuts, muffins and entertainment, like magazines, games and TV, can you see it? Do you have a clear picture in your mind?  Read more about Dealership Sales Scam...

2. Dealership Parts Scam; A simple way for dealerships to increase their bottom line is to install aftermarket parts, but charge the customer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part prices. Read more about Dealership Parts Scam...

3. Dealership Recommended Services and Up-Sell; The dealership will have their own list of recommended services, so the best way to avoid these traps is to know your manufacturers recommended service schedule for your vehicle. Read more about Dealership Recommended Services and Up-Sell...

4. Flat Rate Labor Grid; This is an underground tactic, one that goes completely unnoticed because of how well it's hidden. Read more about Flat Rate Labor Grid...

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