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by Eddie Carrara

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Texaco (Extreme Auto Care)

2520 Beltline Rd, Carrollton, Tx 75006 (972) 418-7840 Located on southwest corner of Beltline Rd and Web Chapel Rd. Service like it used to be, fair,

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Boise Automotive Service (Boise, ID)

Boise Automotive Service 9615 W. Fairview Avenue Boise, ID 83704 Rick Housel Manager We brought our 2006 Nissan Ultima to Boise Automotive to resolve

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Honda CR-V Drive Shaft U-joint Replacement

Honda CR-V Drive Shaft U-joint Replacement, what Honda doesn't want you to know!

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2012 - 2014 Honda CR-V Low Heat from the Drivers-Side Vent

2012 - 2014 Honda CR-V Low Heat from the Drivers-Side Vent, here is the fix.

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Tire Rotation

Tire Rotation, when to rotate, how to rotate, and why we rotate tires.

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Water Leaking Into Car

If you have Water Leaking Into your Car, there could be a simple fix, try asking the Water Leak Pro for help, you may find the answers you re looking for.

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2002 suzucki XL7 Gas Smell

Summer time, when temp is HOT I smell gas fume inside my vehicle. I don't see any fuel leaks! I had somebody do something to fix it 2 years ago, and thought

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