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Output Shaft Seal Leak

by Faye

Leaking axle seal (output shaft seal)

Leaking axle seal (output shaft seal)

I just had someone replace the right output shaft seal in my 2004 Chevy caviler and now its leaking red fluid (transmission fluid). Before the fix it wasn't leaking to the point where it left fluid on the ground only on the part itself. Just got my car back for a couple hours yesterday, drove a couple miles and left it parked, came out and notices wet spots under my car where the part was replaced. Whats next? what should I do?

Hi Faye,
I would bring it back to the shop who did the repair and have them replace the seal again, it's obvious the repair was not successful and they probably damage the seal during installation. Your best option is to call them as quickly as possible so they can attempt to repair it one more time. Keep me posted on what they say and how they handle their goof up, hopefully they step to the plate and fix it right at no charge.

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