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Parked Vehicle Lost Transmission Fluid

by Herman Romero
(Erie, Colorado, USA)

I am rebuilding my old 1966 Chevy Pickup. I installed a new 350 cid engine with a new automatic transmission. I was having issues with my old gas tank so I wasn't driving it until I could afford a new tank. One day I noticed a lot of pink fluid on the ground underneath the truck.

Why would the transmission start to leak all of the sudden when I wasn't even using it?

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Apr 10, 2013
Possible Reason for Leak
by: Eddie Carrara

Hi Herman,
The only reason I can think of is you probably have an output shaft seal leaking at the yolk. If the seal has a slight tear or damage to it, it would start to drip slowly and you probably didn't notice it until the puddle got quite large.
The first thing I would do is diagnose where the leak is coming from, it should be very obvious, especially if the truck hasn't moved in days. Once you have an idea of where it's leaking, then you can take action to figure out why it's leaking by checking the area for damage or maybe something isn't installed correctly.
Let me know if you have more questions Herman, and congrats on bringing back to life some American muscle :)
Take care for now,

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