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by Richard
(Naples, Florida. U.S.A.)

I have a 1997 Honda Accord with 200 thousand miles. This is the best car I have ever had by far. Now, I am a 67 old retiree with very minimum income. My Church recently, was kind enough to pay for 2 tires I desperately needed. Immediately, I was opposed to the tire shop the church were about to send me to. As you mentioned earlier, their "SCAMS" are well known to some of us, but ignored by the rest of the population. They changed the tires at an incredible high price. I prayed a lot that I would not become a "VICTIM". Two weeks after the tires were changed, I began to hear this weird noise coming from the passenger's side, after reaching 45MPH.( I never had that problem before) I somehow knew, I was about to get involved with these crooks. Their fast diagnosis was:" you need wheel bearings ASAP". I asked them what the price would be. Their response was $580.00. I asked again, "will you guarantee, this is the real problem". "well, it could be anything". To make a long story short, I went to a guy who works outside a Discount Auto Parts shop, in this hell-on-earth Naples, Florida. He changed both wheel bearing, left and right and the NOISE is still there. I just want to know if I can drive the car without losing a tire while driving. I refuse to give these crooks another penny from my meager Social Security. One final note. When the tires were changed, I noticed a mechanic, under the car,near the back seat, with a tool, tighten something or maybe losing something. Maybe he was creating this noise for future "work on the car".



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Jul 23, 2013
Wheel Bearing Noise
by: Eddie Carrara

Hi Richard,
Sounds like the mechanics who did the work are not very good at what the do. I hope you take the time to write a review on their shop on this website under shop reviews, it will help other readers who live in Naples, steer clear of that shop.
It's very rare you would lose a tire with a damaged wheel bearing, I have driven on a bad wheel bearing for over a year just because I was too lazy to replace it.
I wrote a review about the Charlotte County Ford Quick Lane, you should read it, and then take your car there and talk to Dominic, the service manager, tell him Eddie From NH sent you, he was extremely honest with me as you can read in my review, that's why I wrote the review. I'm trying to gather more reviews from all over the world to help other victims like you, avoid bad shops, garages, and mechanics, so if you have a spare minute, help me start this snowball rolling down hill.
Back to the wheel bearing. You should be fine to drive on it for a while, just keep an ear on it, and if it starts to get loud, get it checked out. Most likely it's a rear wheel bearing, but the mechanic should not have told you "it could be anything" They should have diagnosed it and only changed the bearing that was bad, not guess and change both, LOOK! They still got it wrong!
Let me know if I can answer any other questions for you Richard, and if you need any other advice, you can find me right here :)

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